We’re excited about where light is taking us

Task LED has built a robust foundation of knowledge from many years’ experience in all levels of the lighting industry; product manufacture, sales, management and consultancy.

We take a keen interest in the vast and futuristic potential that is at the cutting edge of modern lighting design. Our world is rapidly changing. We are not happy just to keep up with these changes, we want to help lead radical transformation.

We’ve witnessed the evolvement of this industry to a new paradigm; one that is no longer fulfilling a need but intelligently paving the way to a new world. Task LED offers architects, consultant engineers, designers and planners choices and expertise that engage with your hopes and dreams for a brighter, better world where solutions are long-lasting, supportive and visionary.

The adoption of modular lighting is creating smart cities that can offer services beyond illumination that everyone can benefit from. Sensors can monitor the environment and weather, helping with forecasting, responsive light distribution and display of environmental data. Modular products can host car charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspots and cameras or PA systems to enhance public safety. We’d relish the opportunity to partner with you to help the world enjoy all the benefits of ingenuity in modern lighting. Get in touch today.