A keen eye on latest developments

Gearóid McKenna has spent 40 years in the lighting industry. He has been hands-on in product manufacture, indulged in the minutiae of functionality and design with clients of his own lighting company and now proudly leads Task LED.

The future of lighting is exciting. New innovations facilitate the creation of environments and buildings that shape our world in positive ways that were unimaginable just a short time ago—a driving force that Gearóid felt compelled to respond to.

Exquisite design, superior functionality and exceptional service are of paramount importance to Gearóid. He carefully chose partners who lead the way in technology, sustainability, design and service to bring the very best in lighting systems to Irish professionals.

He takes a personal interest in every project, regardless of size, and devotes all necessary resources to ensure every client is completely satisfied. He generously offers his insightful and invaluable knowledge with courtesy and a smile.