BIM modelling animates your project plans in 3D efficiency

The expectations for the built environment in the coming decades will be enormous—not just for quantity, but for quality, efficiency and sustainability. In a world hurtling toward an even more integrated digital future, we felt it was imperative to enable our clients to represent designs in 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

TaskLED has merged the draughting and modelling service headed by Ronan McKenna with its core lighting business. BIM is revolutionising the design, detailing, documenting and collaboration on buildings and infrastructure. It gives teams vast insight into plans and constructibility.

One model holds and coordinates all stakeholders input during the entire lifecycle of projects, allowing for centralised adoption of adjustments and additions, reducing risk and vastly improving outcomes. Accuracy is optimised, data can easily be shared, errors can be avoided and conflict more easily resolved.

Once key architectural and structural elements are incorporated into a BIM model, secondary components like power, lighting and ventilation are integrated around these. This is a huge advantage in showing the relevant information to stakeholders and improving visualisation and collaboration on next steps.

Once you’ve conceptualised your plans, even in rough paper draught, we can take your vision and integrate it digitally in a BIM model, incorporating layouts, scheduling and equipment involved. You can plan workflow more speedily and provide an animated prediction of what your finished project will look and feel like, in advance of committed investment.

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