A master in detailed plans, the modern way 

Ronan McKenna has a long and industrious background in draughtsmanship, MEP drawing and CAD. This experience perfectly positioned him to embrace 3D tools and translate his knowledge and skills into producing more progressive, digital interpretations of plans.

With a natural capacity for laser-focused detail, Ronan has become highly proficient in BIM modelling and especially in integrating MEP plans for large and small construction projects into modern, 3D digital constructed models.

He has worked with multi-disciplinary teams in companies like Jacobs, Intel and Arup, translating complicated project plans into thorough, trusted digital models that are the basis for efficiently implemented projects.

He works in a hands-on capacity with clients and stakeholders to keep track of ongoing changes and ensure these are represented accurately in tandem with developments.

Ronan actively pursues the latest thinking, processes and innovation in the lighting industry and in BIM. He is always eager to help clients to take advantage of the most cost efficient and reliable ways to move a project forward smoothly.

A natural interpretation of creative concepts

Jake McKenna is a draughtsman and building services modeller. His hands-on, practical experience as an apprentice in the building industry has given him an invaluable understanding of how things work on sites. He has also studied visual communication, which gave expression to his natural talent for creative interpretation of concepts.

He is an enthusiastic adopter of modern methods to improve efficiency and speed up processes. BIM was a natural next step for him. Once he views plans, he’s already thinking in 3D and works diligently to translate concepts and details into comprehensive, digital outcomes.