Discerning lighting portfolio chosen from broad experience

Task LED has both deep and broad knowledge of the lighting industry; from the ins and outs of manufacturing and quality control to safety in installation, long term performance and good aesthetics.

Our team has worked with the construction industry, engineers, architects, the commercial sector, hospitals, schools and planners to create customised plans for lighting that fulfil and surpass specifications.

We’ve charted the progress of lighting and its functions for decades. We recognise the full potential of modern lighting systems in networked cities that are no longer a future vision, but a reality. These systems now provide information, increase safety, facilitate communication and reduce consumption, lessening the strain on natural resources.

Light is an integral part of sustainable, responsible practices that are essential for the world we are leaving to our children. We want to be part of the innovating, retrofitting and leading practices that are bringing illumination to a bright, hopeful future.